Ariel Gel Ball 4D Refill Hyper Jumbo Size 39p

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● Prevents mold in the washing tub. Drum type OK, rinse once. (The image is an image. It may differ from the actual product.)
● Average amount of laundry (P&G research).
● Carbonic acid function * awakens detergency. *
It does not contain carbonated ingredients.
● One-shot cleaning without bleach

Thoroughly antibacterial. *2
*2 It does not suppress the growth of all bacteria.
●Gel Ball 4D has evolved into an unprecedented 4-layer design *3
. P&G Japan history
●Synthetic coloring bleach 0% *4
*4 No coloring agent is added, but a trace amount may be detected because the production facility is shared with other detergents
●Fragrance type with reduced fragrance

★How to use
・For full effect, please use the following method.
(1) Put it in the washing tub
(2) Put the laundry later
(3) Start washing!
・I put it in the bottom of the washing tub.The outer film of the detergent is thereby effectively dissolved in water.
・Can be used with any type of washing machine.
Washing machine indication - Washing water amount (laundry amount)
30L-65L (2kg-6kg) 1 grain
65L or more ( 6kg or more) 2 grains are recommended!
Do not put in the detergent
. and clothing labeled "use non - fluorescent detergent".

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