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Product details of tick clean sterilization type 

● Anti-tick processing just by spraying tick
clean is just sprayed on the futon or carpet you are using now. It has the effect of keeping mites away from the table with food.
Mites that can no longer eat food will eventually die.
● Long-lasting effect that keeps you from getting rid of. For
items to be washed such as sheets, wash 2-3 times, and for tatami mats and carpets, the effect lasts for about 1 month (according to our test). It is also effective against mites that are born later, and will reduce mites.
● Consideration for safety.
We have developed an ingredient that is less irritating to the skin and can be used by the mouth when sprayed so that it can be used safely in bedding.
● Smooth and dry
The sticky feeling after spraying is suppressed. (Compared to our conventional products)

Bedding and tatami mats that can be sterilized are available, making your home comfortable. It is a sterilizing ingredient that is gentle on the skin.

How to use
・ Shake the container lightly, raise the lid, and spray about 30 cm apart.
・ Futon: Remove sheets and covers, remove dust and dirt, spray and dry in the shade. Wash the sheets and covers, spray and dry in the shade.
・ Carpet / Tatami: Vacuum and remove dust and dirt, then spray and let it air dry. Carpets and tatami mats take time to dry. Please observe the usage amount and use it with plenty of time until it dries.

<Usable items> ・ Duvets, sheets and covers, blankets, towelettes, bed mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, stuffed animals, etc. (also used for aftercare of tick-proof duvets)
・ Carpets, cloth sofas, cushions, cushions cover, the curtain of the hem, such as
, tatami, cushion, cushion cover, kotatsu futon, kotatsu cover, such as in a closet

<things can not use>
wax processing, varnishing, which was painted (wooden floors, furniture, etc.)
, plastic Resin products (toys, electrical products, P-tile floors, etc.)
, leather products (sofas, etc.), metals, rubber products

Use: Bedding,Active ingredients such as tatami and carpet: aliphatic carboxylic acid ester, isopropolmethylphenol (sterilizer)

Net amount: 250 mL (for about 25 single sheets (one side))
Usage guideline: 1m 2 Spray about 10 times (about 20 times for the size of a single sheet)

[Precautions for use]
・ Do not use for anything other than the above.
・ If this agent is applied to something other than the intended purpose, wipe it off.
・ Should this product get on your skin, wash it off.
・ For those who are worried about the effect on the skin or who are sensitive to odors, spray it on something like a hand towel before using it.
・ Should this disagree with your skin or if you are concerned about the odor, discontinue use.
・ For items that fade (new tatami mats, cloth, etc.), shrink easily (silk, rayon, etc.), and items that cannot be washed, try them in an inconspicuous place before use.
・ When spraying, ventilate and be careful not to inhale or get in your eyes.
・ Do not spray a large amount on the same place as it may cause stains.
・ After spraying on tatami mats or carpet, this agent may adhere to your feet or slippers and make the flooring sticky. Therefore, be careful not to walk or swell while it is not dry.
・ Store in a place out of the reach of children and away from direct sunlight.
・ Do not freeze or store in a hot place.

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DaniClin Mite Repellent Spray #Allergen Inactivator

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