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 Worlds first collagen hair dryer 

Using Tescom’s proprietary technologies, we present a hair dryer that will give you chic, soft and glossy tresses, while adding moisture and balance at the same time. The Beauty Collagen hair dryer is a revolutionary product that is taking the world by storm. Delivering an ultra-high-quality of hair styling products that are super-effective while being kind to the hair.

What is beauty collagen?

Beauty collagen is a combination of Tescom’s unique fine ions in which the same protein collagen as hair and skin, and negative ions (moisture in the air) are fused. This gives shinier and moisturised hair and keep colouring longer.

What is negative ions?

Negative ions reduce the static electricity and moisturize the hair. Therefore, it makes you hair shine, smooth and silky.


Powerful 1600W for rapid drying and maximum airflow.

Variable speed settings to dry your hair quickly and gently.
1 – Care
2 – Dry
3 – Turbo

Allow you to blast your hair with cool air when you’re nearly finished drying your hair to seal the cuticle for smooth, shiny hair.

Ionic technology conditions hair to reduce static. Negative ions provide protective coating to help lock in moisture and penetrate deep into hair cuticle.

Consists of Collagen and Negative Ions, allowing it to lock the moisture and creates a protective barrier for your hair as restore a healthy, glossy look of your hair.

2 temperature control switch with scalp care function (60oC), gentle for your scalp. Hot mode temperature approximately to 120oC.

Negative ions emitted from triangle spots, effectively direct negative ions towards hair to protect against excess heat.

Concentrator nozzle – to direct airflow control and also helps to cut down frizz.
Port – Emits beauty collagen and negative ion air outlet.

Adjustable negative ions output, colour changed from blue (high) to red (low).

Detachable inlet mesh for easy cleaning to maintain optimum performance.

Foldable handle for compact and easy storage.

• Airflow: 1.4m3/min
• 1.7m cord length
• Hanging loop
• 1 year warranty
• Product certified with local authority approval 

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