Happiness Aroma Jewel Pastel Floral & Blossom Fragrance Body 470ml(any 2 for 20% off)

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Lenoah Happiness Aroma Jewel Pastel Floral & Blossom Fragrance  
● Beads for scenting clothing. 
● The fresh scent of heavy rotation clothes that cannot be washed every time lasts for a long time! !! 
● Fresh scent lasts for 12 weeks. (In storage) 
● Excellent compatibility with the scent of fabric softener! Combine with fabric softener to create your own scent! 
● The intensity of the scent can be adjusted by the amount to be added * 2 (up to twice the specified amount)
● It dissolves well in cold water and speed courses.
● Can be used in vertical and drum-type washing machines 

[How to use]
・ Just put it at the beginning of washing. 
(1) Put beads in the cap 
(2) Put them directly into the washing tub at the beginning of washing! 
* Do not put in the detergent or fabric softener inlet 
(3) Just put the usual detergent and fabric softener and wash. 
・ If you are using the fashionable clothes course or dry course, melt the product before putting in the clothes. 
Estimated amount to use: 12 mL for 1 kg of clothing, about 85 mL for one cap
・ The above is a guide, so you can adjust the amount to your scent strength. 
It can also be used for "one rinse" washing. 
・ If you are concerned about the undissolved residue, melt the product before use. There are individual differences in how the scent is felt. Please use it with consideration for the people around you, referring to the guideline for the amount used. 

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