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No more tedious work to keep your toilets clean with the Magiclean Daily Care Toilet Foam Spray! Just a few sprays a day keeps the stains away.
Unique upside down reaches hidden stains & bacteria under toilet rims.
Formulated with crystal polymer technology that forms a shied with each use, preventing stain from sticking and accumulating, and kills 99% bacteria.
Use it to clean the whole toilet bowl, including the toilet cover, tank, seat and even floor area around base of toilet. Just spray and rinse; so easy, anyone can use it!

  • Foam covers a wider surface area and helps you to clean more areas of your toilet bowl than before.
  • The innovative "upside-down" format allows you to reach all hidden bacteria and stains even - under the toilet rim.
  • Contains crystal polymer technology, which creates a preventive shield on the surface of toilet bowl to prevent stain build-up.
  • Foam covers a wider surface area and helps you to clean more areas of your toilet bowl than before.​​

​[How to use]

To deodorize and prevent dirts from adhering ・ Spray into the toilet bowl before or after toilet use.
Spray on to clean the toilet bowl, lightly spray on to clean the toilet seat, floor, etc. with a brush, and wipe with toilet paper or a dry cloth.
For sterilization in the toilet bowl ・ Spray directly, leave for 5 minutes, and rinse with water.
For disinfecting toilet seats, floors, etc. ・ Spray directly and leave for 5 minutes to wipe off. (Not all bacteria are sterilized.)
How to spread foam Wide foam :A spray that can be used upside down.
Estimated amount of use Inside the toilet: Approximately 3 injections Floor / toilet circumference: Approximately 3 injections per square meter
・ It is safe for septic tanks.
-Can also be used for warm water washing toilet seats.

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