Laurier F SANITARY NAPKIN Super Slim for Heavy Days 25cm 17pads

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Its ultra thin 0.1cm absorbent sheet locks in 200x of fluid instantly, keeping you protected even during your heaviest flow and it is so thin that you will barely feel it is there!

You are now free to wear anything, anytime while enjoying the ultimate level of dryness and confidence! Be fearless 24/7!

Extra Speed Absorbency
Revolutionary suction-like power absorbs so quickly even during sudden gushes.

Ultra Dryness with High Breathability.
Innovative Quick Dry Mesh Surface seals fluid within the centre core, reducing up to 80%* of wetness on the napkin surface, keeping you dry and comfortable.

25cm for regular to heavy day use.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

*Made in Japan

Content: 17Pcs