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Soflan for dryers
● Sheet-shaped flexible finishing agent that can be used in dryers, drum-type washer-dryers, etc.
Just put one in the dryer. As the temperature of the dryer rises, the ingredients contained in The Sheet Spread Evenly Over The Surface. It Prevents Not Only Static Electricity When Worn, But Also Static Electricity When Removing Laundry From The Dryer. * Only For Warm Air Drying. It Can Not Be Used In A Course That Dries Only By Blowing Air.
● The
soft ingredient that prevents wrinkles in the laundry and makes ironing easier also loosens the "wrinkles" that were formed during dehydration, so the finish is less "wrinkled" and easier to iron.
● Prevents damage to Seni and prevents pilling and fluffing after drying.
The soft component makes the laundry in the dryer slippery, suppresses friction and entanglement, and prevents pilling, fluffing, and fiber damage.
● The scent is as if it was dried in the sunlight.

How to use
(When using in a dryer) )
(1) Put The Sheet Together With The Laundry And Dry It.
(2) After Drying, Discard The Used Sheet. (Can Not Be Reused)
(When Using In A Washer / Dryer)
(1) Stop The Operation Once After Dehydration Is completed.
(2) After loosening the laundry, put this product in.
(3) Dry with warm air. (Approximately 30 minutes or more) Estimated
amount of use: 3 kg of laundry per sheet (weight in a dry state)
* Approximately 30 sheets of laundry for underwear and 40 sheets for towels

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