Lenoir Happiness Aroma Jewel Antique Rose & Floral Fragrance Body 470ml

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● Beads for fragrance of clothing.
● The idea of ​​freeze-drying for washing.
● Fresh scent lasts for 12 weeks. (In storage)
● Speed ​​cooling of aroma "Freeze Aroma Dry" Condenses fresh scent into beads!
● Excellent compatibility with the scent of fabric softener! Combine with fabric softener to create your own scent!

How to use]
Just put it in at the beginning of washing!
Can be used for vertical and drum type washing machines.
The "aeration" formula makes it easy for the beads to dissolve in water.
1. Measure the jewel on the cap.
2. Put it directly into the washing tub!
* Never put jewels in the detergent or fabric softener inlet!
3. As usual, add detergent and fabric softener and wash.
<Estimated amount of use>
12 mL for 1 kg of clothing, about 85 mL for one cap
* Up to twice as much
・ The above is a guide, so you can adjust the amount to your scent intensity.
-Can also be used for "one rinse" washing.
・ If it remains undissolved, dissolve the product well before adding clothing.

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