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Kobayashi Kobayashi Sink Drain Cleaner (Unscented) 12pcs

Purpose: suitable for kitchen, toilet, bathroom drain pipe, toilet, etc.

(not Applicable to copper, brass, cast iron, aluminium, timber, rubber)


Amount of package: 12 tablets


How to USE


  1. Throw 1 tablet into the drainpipe, toilet catchment of the kitchen/toilet/bathroom.

  2. Wait for 30 minutes, rinse and finish cleaning.


Precautions for precautions.

Be careful with children eating by mistake. Please keep it out of reach of children.

Do not use it if you have poor physical condition.

Do not use it in boiling water.

It must be used in ventilation.Please wear rubber gloves when using them.

Use it immediately after opening it. Do not use it for cutting boards and tableware.

Avoid direct sunlight and humidity, and do not place it in places with high temperature or humid products with high temperature or humid products.

According to the type and degree of dirt, expected effects may not appear according to the type and degree of dirt.

Do not use it in the sink, otherwise the equipment in the sink may be damaged.

First aid.

If you enter your eyes, you may hurt your eyes. Please rinse with running water for at least 15 minutes immediately. Do not rub or seek medical attention immediately.

If you swallow by mistake, give 1-2 cups of milk or water to 1-2 cups of milk or water, do not urge.

If it is stained on the skin, please wash it thoroughly with water.

If you feel discomfort, cough or eye swelling during use, please stop using this product, leave the area, and wash your eyes or mouth.

If you find any abnormalities in any of these situations, please carry this product and consult a doctor.

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