ACRON Laundry Liquid Detergent Delicate Clothing Floral Bouquet 450ml


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Liquid detergent for delicate laundry. Specially developed “Silk Touch” formula prevents pilling. To protect the fibers of the fabric, the composition includes the SAPA component, which penetrates the fabric, protecting clothing from the appearance of scuffs and worn-out appearance. Maintains the original shape of knitted garments, preventing them from stretching. Protects against color loss. Perfectly removes dirt and unpleasant odors even with delicate quick wash. Recommended for washing items made of wool, cotton, silk, linen, hemp, as well as synthetic fabrics that require gentle washing without adding fluorescent bleach. With a light floral scent.

How to use: Add the required amount of product to water or washing machine. For hand wash, dosage 12.5 ml per 5 l of water.

Composition: surfactant 22%, polyoxyethylalkyl ether, stabilizing additive, softening agent, dispersant.

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