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Kincho Adhesive Body Warmer Pad

Japan KINCHO self-heating pads send real heat deep into your muscles to relax contractions and relieve period cramps for up to 10 hours. 
This self-heating pad is thin and discreet enough to wear under clothing on the go or while relaxing. 
The self-heating pad is suitable for females who have menstrual discomfort, menstrual pain, and cold in limbs. 

Strong adhesive pad to prevent falling. 
For safety and hygiene purpose, each self-heating pad is packed individually. 
Heats up to 5 hours with average temperature of 45◦c and highest temperature of 55◦c.

It is recommended to attach the warmer to your stomach!
The warming fragrance is carried by evaporating moisture that wraps around your face, so you can feel it working. 
Warmers can also be attached to your waist, neck, and shoulder.

Magic therapeutic point for warming your whole body
If you feel cold across your whole body, it is effective to warm the area directly below the navel. 
It is called the “magic therapeutic point” because, if warmed every day, you can stabilize your physical condition and fin your vim and vigor.



How to use

Open the package and use it immediately. 
The self-heating pad will start heating up when oxidized. 
Adhere the self-heating pad on your underwear or clothes. 
DO NOT APPLY THE SELF-HEATING PAD DIRECTLY ON YOUR SKIN as prolonged contact with low heat may cause burns. 

1.    Do not apply the self-heating pad directly on skin as prolonged contact with low heat may cause burns
2.    Do not use during bedtime
3.    Not suitable for pregnant women and children. Keep out of reach of children
4.    This product is for one-time use. Remove product immediately if you find irritation or burn. To prevent product heating up, do not open the package when the product is not in use



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