Pucca Nadrie Insect Bit Sticker 12pc

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Pucca Nadrie Insect Bit Sticker 12pc

The best natural bug bite patches ever created! Made from eco-friendly and natural ingredients. Alleviates itchiness and treats bite.


Without any chemical ingredients, just by simulating a mild fever that is almost identical to body temperature (38 degrees, +-2 degrees), the patch helps relieve itchiness, tenderness, and swelling early on. the new-concept environmentally-friendly healthy patch helps relieve itchiness, tenderness, and swelling early on by degrading histamine poison.



SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY - The world’s first environmentally friendly bug bite treatment patch. Helps alleviate itchiness, stinging, and swelling. Made from natural ingredients such as iron powder, activated carbon, resin, vermiculite, and brine.


GREAT FOR THE OUTDOORS - Enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of having bug bites. Simply apply the Pucca Patch to your bite and feel the relief of itching. Easy and convenient to carry around. Bring when camping, fishing, hiking, during vacations, picnic, etc.


GREAT FOR CHILDREN - This patch is safe for children and stops them from scratching bug bites. Great when taking naps to prevent irritation and swelling. Apply when playing outdoors to protect them from getting worse.


CUTE CHARACTERS - Pucca is an internationally popular character and animation originating from South Korea. Featured on Netflix, Pucca became an instant well-known character. Enjoy the cute designs on the patches and cover any bug bites.

HOW IT WORKS - When opened, it is oxidized from contact with air and generates heat. Within 30 minutes, the itching begins to disappear.


SIZE: 110*160mm 12 pieces (6 X 2)

Made even more exciting as kids get to use patches decorated with six different Pucca characters. Individually wrapped.


How to use:

Can be used by anybody without side effects, if you get bitten, don't scratch but simply apply the patch.


The patch has passed tests conducted by the Korean Chemical Convergence Testing Institute for skin irritation and is registered at the US FDA (OTC), patented in Korea, with patent applications pending in the US, Japan, China, Europe, and India, and has also won awards.



1. Warn children (babies and toddlers) not to place the product in their mouths,

2. If itchiness or a rash develops during use, stop usage immediately by removing patch

3. Ensure product does not come into contact with children's (babies and toddlers) hands.

4. Store out of direct sunlight and away from high temperatures in shade

5. Store in an enclosed area after use as the product is individually wrapped.

6. Please note that the adhesive power of the patch will decrease if the patch is applied and taken off repeatedly.

7. The product can only be used once. Do not reuse product

8. Please note that if the patch is exposed to water after it is applied, it may not be as effective.

9. Please dispose of the product in the trash after use.