Power of Azuki Red Bean Reusable Microwave Steam Pad #Tummy 1pc (re-usable)

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Red Bean Reusable Microwave Heat Pad


  • Use properly at two temperatures.


  • 100% red beans are used.


  • Red beans' natural steam gradually warms your stomach.


  • You can use both sides according to the roughness.


  • It can be used immediately by heating in a microwave oven.


  • It is economical because it can be used 250 times.


  • Vapor is invisible.


  • About 20 minutes of relaxation time.


  • Time to keep product temperature above 40℃

    How to use:


  • Remove the product from the transparent bag and place it in the center of the microwave with the flower pattern facing down.


  • Wipe off the dirt on the part to be placed.


  • Heat according to heating time.


  • 500W = 60 seconds, 600W = 50 seconds.


  • Do not heat at power exceeding 600W.


  • Choose the surface to use according to the pain and put it on your stomach from T-shirts and underwear.


  • Use 20 minutes as a guide.


  • Heating is not possible except for the microwave function.


  • Automatic warming is not possible.


  • Do not heat for longer than the specified time.


  • Professional microwave cannot be used.

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