Clinica PRO (Professional) Sensitive Care Toothpaste Relax Mint 95g

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Clinica PRO Hypersensitivity Care Toothpaste Relax Mint 

Focusing on the active ingredient "enzyme*1" that can decompose and remove "plaque", the cause of various oral risks, Hypersensitivity care toothpaste.
Enzyme decomposes and removes dental plaque for smooth teeth
Prevents the transmission of irritation and prevents tooth pain caused by hypersensitivity
Contains high-concentration fluorine (1450ppm), fluorine adheres to the root of the tooth *2
Sterilizes causative bacteria and prevents bad breath
Whitens teeth *3
Prevents tartar deposits *3
Elegant and gentle relaxing mint flavor
*1: Dextranase
*2: Highly viscous paste + coating agent PCA ( pyrrolidone carboxylic acid)
*3: By brushing


Prevention and removal of dental plaque
Prevents tooth staining
Prevents the occurrence and progression of tooth decay
Prevents bad breath
Whitens teeth
Cleanses the mouth
Refreshes the mouth


Wetting agent: Sorbit solution, PG
cleaning agent: Anhydrous silicic acid A
Coating agent: DL-pyrrolidone carboxylate sodium solution, hydroxyethyl cellulose dimethyldiallylammonium chloride
Medicinal ingredients: Potassium nitrate, sodium fluoride (1450ppm as fluorine), dextranase (DEX ), sodium lauroyl sarcosine (LSS)
foaming agent: coconut oil fatty acid amidopropyl betaine liquid, POE hydrogenated castor oil, POE stearyl ether
Viscosity modifier: silicic anhydride, xanthan gum Flavoring
agent: perfume (floral mint type), saccharin Na
caking agent Agent: Na alginate, Na polyacrylate
Refreshing agent: Menthol
Detergent: Sodium tetradecene sulfonate Stabilizer
: DL-alanine, glycerin fatty acid ester
Coloring agent: Yellow 4, Red 106

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount to the toothbrush.

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