Travel Size Long Spin Mouthwash (buy 5 get 1 free)


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  • Travel size mouthwash each packet is 14ml one-time use. Convenient size to carry to school, office, camping, picnic and any outdoor activities.
  • 3 different flavours - Mint, Rose, Orange (*Random flavour will be sent).
  • Anticavity mouthwash with CPC to protect against cavities and bad breath and peppermint extract keeps breath fresh
  • Okina Long spin mouthwash 100% made in Japan, Gentle on teeth and Alcohol-free
  • Uses natural sweetener xylitol. No artificial sweeteners and fluoride free.
  • Addicted right after first try! Prevent bad breath with medicinal ingredient cpc and antibacterial effect of natural herb. Combine botanical ingredient peppermint extract. Bring about naturally refreshing breath.
  • 14ml

*Random flavour will be sent

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