Chocola BB Stomatitis Repair Spray 30ml


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Chocola BB Stomatitis Repair Spray 30ml

A spray that is effective for sore throat due to mouth inflammation and sore throat. 

Chocola BB Stomatitis Repair Shot has a direct effect on the affected area by the W action of sterilization and mucosal repair.

A spray type (with a cap) that is convenient to carry and does not stain your hands.


How to use

Remove the cap, bring the container close to the mouth, point the injection port toward the affected area, and push the pump head to inject.
* When using for the first time, press blank until the chemical solution comes out.
* When pushing the pump, push it firmly to the bottom, not halfway.
* Use 1 to 3 injections several times a day as a guide.


Ingredients / Quantity

100 mL contains the following ingredients.

Ingredient/ Amount/ Action
Azulene sulfonate sodium hydrate/ 20 mg/ ・Repairs mucous membrane, promoting healing of the affected area.
Cetylpyridinium chloride monohydrate/ 300 mg/ ・Disinfects the affected part.

Inactive Ingredients
Benzyl benzoate, ethanol, glycerin, sodium saccharin, D-sorbitol, propylene glycol, beeswax, L-menthol, dibasic sodium phosphate, flavor, sodium dihydrogen phosphate


Important reference information

When not to use the product
If you do not follow these instructions, the current symptoms may worsen or adverse reactions are more likely to occur. Do not take this medicine for a long time.

1.The following people should contact a physician, dentist, pharmacist or registered salesperson for a consultation before use.
(1)People undergoing treatment from a physician or dentist
(2)People who have experienced allergic symptoms associated with drugs, etc.
(3)People with the following symptoms
Erosion inside the mouth
2.If the following symptoms are observed after using this drug, these may be adverse reactions. Immediately discontinue the use of this medicine and show this informational leaflet to a physician, dentist, pharmacist or registered salesperson for a consultation.

Parts Affected/ Symptom
Skin/ Rash/redness, itching
Mouth/ Irritation
Digestive organs/ Stomach discomfort, nausea

3.If symptoms do not improve even after using this treatment for 5 or 6 days, stop taking this medicine and consult a physician, dentist, pharmacist or registered salesperson, bringing this informational leaflet with you.

Precautions for Storage and Handling
1.Store with the cap on in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
2.Strong pressure applied to the sides of the bottle may result in fluid leakage.
3.Keep out of reach of children.
4.Do not transfer to a different container. (It may lead to misuse or alter the quality.)
5.If the medication gets onto clothing, wash immediately with water and/or detergent.
6.Do not take medicine that has exceeded its expiration date.

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