Easy draw auto brow pencil #02 ginger cookie-End of Shelf-life Sale

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Those who want to create brows that look just like their own 
Those looking for strand-by-strand precision 
Makeup beginners 

A skin-friendly hard formula that works even better over foundation 
Available in four shades: 
- 01 Brownie: For reddish hair colors 
- 02 Ginger Cookie: For bleached and bright hair colors 
- 03 Dark Choco: For black or dark hair colors 
- 04 Choco Mousse: For dark virgin hair colors 

A convenient retractable pencil type 
An angled tip for precise application 
Comes with a built-in spoolie

How to use:

1. Fill out the brows with light and upward strokes of the eyebrow pencil.

2. Gently brush back and forth with the spoolie tip to blend the colour for a more natural look.

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