Kate designing eyebrow EX-7

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Kanebo Kate Designing Eyebrow 3D is a powdered eyebrow color with 3 gradation color in a pallet.

It enables you to create natural 3 dimensional eyebrow or ridge of the nose.

It comes with 2 way brush. 


Take some powder with the brush and adjust the quantity of the powder on somewhere like on the back of your hand. 

You can mix the color to make it to your preferred color density. 
Try to put the light color on inside end and the darker color on the outside end of your eyebrow in order to make it look 3D. 

Make a thin line with the darkest color from the top to outside end of your eyebrow.

For  nose shadow, take the lightest color with the bigger part of the brush and add the color lightly from down below of inside end of your eyebrow to side of your nose.


  • Contents: 2.2g
  • Color: Light Brown

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