Heroine Make Prime Liquid Eyeliner Rich Keep #01 Jet Black

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With the heroine make-up "Prime Liquid Eyeliner Rich Keep", you can easily turn it off with hot water by night! 
Heroine Makeup Brush Pen Liner The highest durability ever! Super waterproof & smudge proof prescription. 
With a smooth 0.1 mm smooth brush, you can aim for details such as the gaps in the eyelashes. 
● Durable prescription that blends highly water resistant ingredients in the original ratio. 
It is resistant to tears, sweat, sebum and rubbing, and keeps a beautiful line all day long. (Durability data has been acquired) 
● Close contact! A double blend of dense and highly 
elastic adhesive ingredients. It is firmly fixed, and you can draw dense and highly colored lines with one stroke without color unevenness. 
● Off with hot water! 
Although it is resistant to bleeding, it can be turned off with hot water. 
If you feel it is difficult to remove, please use a face wash. 
● No paint remains on the skin because no paint is used. 
● Because it is a quick-drying type, it does not lose to kinks, bleeding, and blinking during makeup. 
● Contains 6 types of beauty essence ingredients 
Hyaluronic acid, collagen, wild rose extract (canina rose fruit extract), panthenol, Lipidure (polyquaternium), Swertia japonica extract (moisturizing ingredient) 

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