Velvety Fit Colors -# 02 Honey Diamond

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Single-shade shadows for enchanting eyelids

Feels dewy, like a cream

● Glides smoothly onto your finger just like a cream eyeshadow should. Just stroke it onto your lids gently with your finger and it’ll cling firmly to your eyelids. (Contains Fitting Oil)

Velvety finish, like a powder

● Despite the dewy texture, it quickly transforms once applied to your eyelids, developing a velvety-smooth texture like a powder eyeshadow! It contains spherical powder, creating a lightweight finish that won't feel sticky or uncomfortable on your eyelids.

● Despite the velvety-smooth finish, it clings tightly to your lids without powder scatter, keeping your eyelids looking beautiful for hours on end.

Soft color for sophisticated eyelids ♥

● With color that seems to seep out from within, the gentle finish creates eyelids with a sophisticated sexiness.

● Despite the soft shading, these colors still make their presence felt, giving your eyes added impact even when used alone.

Offers the chance to enjoy the differences in color intensity and shimmer between each shade ♥

● Each shade has a different color intensity and level of pearliness, giving you the chance to have fun with not only the differences in color, but also your whole make-up look ♪

Contains beautifying (moisturizing) ingredients

Squalane, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, sodium hyaluronate

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