Eyeholic Concealer Pencil Cream Beige

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Eyeholic concealer pencil #cream beige

●Tear bag explosion concealer pencil (pink beige) that creates natural tear bags with a matte finish
●Concealer pencil with eye serum ingredients
: Hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate (All moisturizing)
Liquid liner: Water-soluble collagen, sodium hyaluronate (all moisturizing)
●Plump tear bags without the need for techniques
(concealer pencil that creates a natural three-dimensional effect) Makes the tear bags look plump with a pencil-typeconcealer that can be drawn smoothly .
(Ruddy brown liquid liner that creates natural shadows) Creates natural shadows around the eyes with a slightly pigmented ruddy brown liquid liner.

How to Use

★How to create plump tear bags
1.Use concealer to draw the tear bags in the width you want to make them look plump, using a guideline of 3 to 5 mm below the eyes. Blending it with your finger will give a more natural look.
2. Draw the shadow of the tear bag with liquid under the tear bag made with concealer. Immediately blend it with your finger for a more natural look.
★More! How to create a clear lid with liquid
: For the lid: Draw a line along the line of the lid.
・For those who want to make a lid: Draw a line on the part you want to cover.

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