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Lash Serum EX (7 ml)

Longer, thicker and glossier.

For the volume and moisturizing effect.

This hair-grower has effects of promoting the eyelash growth and production, also preventing eyelash loss.

The active ingredients(d-panthenol・Takanal) prevent eyelash loss and promote emergence of lashes. And also, the moisturizing ingredients(carrot extract・chitin liquid) effect on the active incredients, then moisten the tips of eyelashes.

How to use

After cleaning, apply appropriate amount of the product to your eyelash.


Pantothenyl ethyl ether,Takanal,carrot extract,carboxymethyl chitin liquid,hyaluronate sodium(2),hydrolyzed silk liquid,purified water,ethano,concentrated glycerin,1.3-butylene glycol,sodium alginate,citric acid,methyl parahydroxybenzoate(+/-),sodium citrate ※:include active incredients. Articles marked with ※ are including the active incrediients and those with no mark are other ingredients.

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