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A high-performing creamy foundation developed with technology to cover skin imperfections and infused with moisture-locking plant extracts for fresh & glowing skin in as little as one coat.

  1. This foundation is formulated with Lively Skin Veil technology for excellent coverage on skin flaws and dullness to achieve glowing and healthy-looking complexion.
  2. The cream-based COVERMARK Flawless Fit foundation offers lasting coverage and glides on skin smoothly.
  3. A combination of Intercellular lipid-like substances – Ceramide, plant cholesterol and palmitic acid – locks in moisture for a hydrating finish.
  4. Infused with 6 plant extracts – Panax ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Angelica acutiloba root, coicis semen, persicae semen and aloe – to condition skin while correcting and concealing.
  5. Enriched with water-soluble collagen, this foundation protects and perfects your skin.
  6. Powered with a broad spectrum SPF 35 PA+++ to prevent dark spots and freckles caused by sun damage.

How to use

After applying base, lightly glide the sponge over the surface of the foundation. Apply the foundation starting from the forehead, before spreading it evenly over the entire face. For areas of concern, dab additional foundation topically, patting lightly to blend around the edges.

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