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Removes makeup and oxidized sebum while comfortably softening the skin. A cleansing cream with the new sensation of exquisite richness and softness.

Blends comfortably into the skin with a meltingly soft touch. Swiftly removes makeup and oxidized sebum, leaving skin soft and hydrated.


How to use

Add a dollop about the size of a cherry into your hand, then dab on to chin, cheeks, nose and forehead.
Spread across the entire face and blend thoroughly with skin impurities, foundation, and other makeup.
Wipe away with a tissue, being careful not to scrape skin, or rinse away with water.


AQ Concept

Make radiance a badge
of honour for your skin.

Relaxing aroma. Deep moisturising.
AQ anti-ageing care*.

DECORTÉ AQ’s mission is to unlock the potential of each and
every woman and bring out their own unique beauty and elegance.

AQ (Absolute Quality).
Beauty evolved from cosmetics crafted with every possible piece of knowledge, technique and drop of passion gleaned from continuous dedication to the health of each customer’s skin and mind since debuting in 1990.

It’s the ultimate in relaxation, resonating both in the skin and mind.
Based on the concept of holistic beauty, AQ has taken a step further into the intricate workings of the mind to focus on skin responsiveness.

DECORTÉ comes from the French word
décoration meaning a decoration or medal.
This name reflects our dedication to bringing out your inner beauty and
making you even more radiant.
Turn relaxation into a force for beauty. Take pride in your radiant skin.

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