Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence SPF50 + PA ++++ UPSIZE 85g

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Micro UV-cut capsules reach in to the gaps at the micro-level of the skin.
Protect your skin with thin and smooth UV block filter. It's like another layer of skin.

If you don't like to wear sunscreen because of white cast or tacky feeling, this product is for you!

- It feels amazingly light even after re-applying!
- Absorbs into the skin quickly, no more white-cast and a nice clear finish.
- Super water-proof.
- For face and body use.
- Can be used as makeup primer.
- Gentle white muguet (lily of valley) fragrance

[6 advantages over bare skin]
1. It contains UV protection enriched water capsules (UV absorbing agents) which are unformed and turn into a protective veil to stay on the skin. Your skin feels fresh and hydrated.
2. Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Royal Jelly Extract, and BG as moisturizing ingredients.
3. Remove easily with a regular face wash/body wash.
4. No colorant
5. Non-comedogenic tested*
6. Skin irritation tested*
*Although some people may have an allergic reaction


How to Use
- Take small amount of essence and spread evenly and add little by little. 
- If the amount is too small, it doesn't function as a UV protection. 
- Reapply after sweating
- Remove with facewash/makeup remover for face and bodywash for body.

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