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1 Contains a variety of plant extracts to nourish delicate skin.
Add 6 kinds of Chinese herbal extracts (ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, angelica, coix seed, aloe vera, peach kernel) extracted from 6 plants famous for their beauty
Keeps skin moisturized and smooth.
2 The original "True Color" theory, lasting and not dull.
Based on the original "True Color" theory, the foundation color that matches your skin tone is selected.
It can maintain the pure, natural and transparent feeling just when applying makeup for a long time, and keep the makeup look not dim all day long.
3 The water-in-oil formula based on fixing oil makes the makeup last longer.
Even skin that has become in poor condition due to irregular life or lack of sleep can be extended and smoothed quickly,
Closely adheres to the skin, keeping the skin smooth and smooth for a long time.
4. Prevent UV damage to skin.
Protect against skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays, prevent freckles and freckles caused by ultraviolet rays.
(SPF18 PA ++ )
5 Fragrance free, suitable for sensitive skin.


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