Melano CC Vitamin C Premium Essence 20ml

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A brightening vitamin C essence that absorbs deep into the skin surface with a unique formula. A serum recommended for those who have hyperpigmentation. A drop of serum with a dense texture that easily fuses with skin. An active vitamin C and vitamin B6 formulation with a brightening blend, there are also 3 types of vitamin C derivatives. 

 Rohto Pharmaceutical's unique penetration formulation, it penetrates deep into the skin surface deeply! It reaches the source of the spots you care about, suppresses the production of melanin, and prevents spots and freckles.

Contains sebum-suppressing, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory ingredients to prevent acne and pigmentation. 

If you use 4 to 5 drops at a time and once a day, you can use one for about 5 to 6 months.

Customer Reviews

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Melanie Collins
Love it!!

This product is a game changer! I discovered the melano range on a trip to Tokyo. I am so glad I found the cosmetic store in NZ to sort out my order.
Looking forward to seeing more in the range. The essence feels like silk on your skin and great results for acne spots and pigmentation..officially a loyal Melano fan

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