Curel Cleansing Foam

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Thoroughly cleanses without stripping hydration
Protects ceramide levels
pH balanced, fragrance free, colorant free
Soft foam cleanses dry, sensitive skin with care

Designed specifically for dry, sensitive skin, the Curel Foaming Facial Wash thoroughly cleanses impurities ever-so-gently, leaving skin soft and supple while protecting the natural ceramides from being washed off the skin.
The soft foaming facial wash is the second step of the Japanese ritual called Double Cleansing and ideally it is used in combination with Curel Makeup Cleansing Gel.

How to use
Dispense 2 pumps of Curel Foaming Facial Wash into your palm. Apply the foam onto wet skin. The light lather thoroughly removes impurities without washing away your skin's natural ceramides.
Gently pat dry.
When you don't need to remove any makeup (i.e. in the morning), use the Foaming Facial Wash on its own.


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