DECORTE Phytotune W Cleansing serum

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A cleansing serum for makeup removal, alive with botanical goodness from ancient times.
Makes your skin translucent while removing makeup, for a beauty serum finish.

A wipe-off cleansing beauty serum. No double-cleansing necessary.
The goodness of specially-selected plants, combined. Cares for daily concerns such as lack of hydration, conspicuous pores or no translucency, giving you beautiful natural skin that's silky soft.
Just wipe off lightly, no need for pressure. Makeup will be lifted and enveloped. Thoroughly cleanses not just old keratin on the skin’s surface that causes dullness, but also foundation from deep within pores.
Contains coix seed extract. Gives you healthy skin that’s well hydrated and translucent, and looks like it has been prepared with beauty serum, all while removing makeup.
Lightweight to use. Gives you smooth, clear skin that’s non-sticky and has a plump texture. Offers a wide range of solutions, for example if you’re returning late, running short on time, or need to remove makeup while you’re out.
Contains essential oils (fragrances). Refreshing herbal floral fragrance, subtly scented with sweet, fresh florals with a hint of herbal spices.f
Tested for stinging (skin irritation) (Results may still vary depending on the individual.)


For each use, add about 3-4 pumps onto a cotton pad. Wipe away thoroughly, being careful not to scrape skin. Repeat with clean cotton pads until no dirt remains.

SIZE: 200ml

Phytotune | DECORTÉ

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