CLEAR TURN Pure Domestic Rice Mask EX 40P

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CLEAR TURN Pure Domestic Rice Mask EX

●New rice sheet mask that moisturizes skin with dryness and conspicuous pores
●Contains 100% domestic rice-derived rice select extract. Milky serum replenishes moisture, leading to plump, plump, moist skin with inconspicuous pores.
-All-in-one, 6 roles per sheet. Lotion, beauty essence, milky lotion, cream, pack, eye mask
●Large capacity for everyday use
●Plump, thick, soft domestic sheet for maximum comfort. A thick cotton sheet filled with milky serum. Fits as if gently enveloping, and can be carefully cared for around the eyes and mouth. Due to the sealing effect of the mask, the essence penetrates into the stratum corneum.
[Brand name] Clear Turn Skin Plump EX R Mask b

How to use
・Use on clean skin after washing your face. If you are concerned about dryness, please use milky lotion or cream after using the mask. You can also use it for cleaning in the morning.
(1) Take out the mask one by one from the bag and spread it out. Fold the sheet with the eye part facing out.
* Due to the characteristics of the product, it has an orange color.
(2) Align the eye position first, then the mouth position, then place it on the entire face and press it lightly so that air does not enter and adhere to the skin.
(3) When caring for the eye area, place the folded part of the sheet on the eye area and care for the lower eyelid while being careful not to let the liquid get into the eye. (*If you wear contact lenses, please remove them before use.)
(4) Leave on for about 10 minutes before removing the mask. After that, it is more effective if you use the palm of your hand to apply the essence remaining on the skin.

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