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Product Details of Browlash EX Brow Coating R
● A long-selling blockbuster eyebrow coat that has cleared the 24-hour durability test.
● Waterproof power repels sweat, water, and sebum! Durable eyebrow coat
● Perfect for such troubles・ People who
easily remove eyebrow makeup
・ People who do not have time to remake makeup
・ For the sea, pool, gym, etc.
● 24-hour durability test Clear, does not fall off or crumbles
● Not only is it resistant to sweat and excess sebum, which are the causes of makeup loss, but it also repels water, so it is safe to swim in the pool or the sea.
● It will not collapse even if rubbed again. * There are individual differences due to manufacturer tests.
● Rubbing resistant, coating power and power up
● Adopting a coating polymer that adheres to the skin further improves durability.

● (Compared to the manufacturer's conventional product) It is resistant to rubbing and can be used to prevent the powder eyebrow from fading.
● Quick-drying! Transparent type, which dries quickly and has a natural finish that does not shine.
● A clear coat is applied by simply tracing over the eyebrow makeup, and it dries quickly so it is not sticky.
● Natural finish that is not shiny.
● Sebum breakage prevention powder * combination, and long-lasting eyebrow makeup
● Sebum breakage prevention powder * in that absorbs excess sebum that causes eyebrow makeup to break.

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