Anessa Brightening UV Sunscreen Gel TONE UP SPF 50+ PA++++ 90g

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About Product

Powerful UV Protection with brightening and moisturizing skincare formula.
Contains effective brightening agent m-tranexamic acid* and skin roughness prevention agent gm-tranexamic acid salt.

-Effective brightening agent m-tranexamic acid* that suppresses melanin generation, thereby preventing spots and freckles
-Moisturizing effect
-Translucency right after application. Create fine and natural skin impression. No pearl pigments are used
-Easily removable with soap
-Water Proof - Water resistance proven by a 40-minute bathing test
-Dewy and fresh gel with aqua touch
-Can be used as makeup primer
-Refreshing fragrance of citrus soap


After your daily skincare regimen, apply liberally to all exposed skin areas.

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