Treatment Cleansing Milk 200g

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Covermark Treatment Cleansing Milk 200g

A gentle cleansing milk remover, containing 89% beauty essence ingredients, uses special molecules to attract and draw makeup particles that clings on skin’s surface as it moisten, soften and calms skin from the day.


  1. The soft, gentle milky texture soothes tired skin as it glides onto skin while the uplifting fragrance of 9 essential oils, including Orange, Atlas Cedar and Wild Rose, refreshes your senses.
  2. Draws and lifts makeup particles to the skin’s surface, minimizing damage to the skin.
  3. Milky texture transforms into nano-sized particles upon contact with water to easily and thoroughly remove makeup.
  4. Completely removes makeup while conditioning and hydrating the skin with 89% beauty essence ingredients.


Easy and complete removal

Exceptional makeup removing power with “Aqua Cleansing Gel Structure” to lift and attract makeup particles from skin surface to thoroughly and gently take off every trace of makeup.


Moisturizing powerhouse

Containing 89% of beauty essence ingredients and MC Chitosan which has twice the moisturizing ability than Hyaluronic Acid, Treatment Cleansing Milk leaves skin soft and moist.


Works extremely well even with water

When in contact with water, Treatment Cleansing Milk captures every trace of makeup residue as nano-sized particles to effectively lift makeup off skin and pores before washing or wiping it off.


Soft texture & pleasant scent

Mild, milky texture reduces the friction caused by pulling and tugging of skin while removing makeup. The naturally comforting citrusy fragrance of 9 essential oils such as Orange, Atlas Cedar and Wild Rose calms and relaxes the skin.



How to use

Pump 4-5 times onto palm. Apply to entire face and massage gently in circular motions. Emphasize on places more prone to accumulation of makeup such as around the nose and eye area.Rinse off with water or tepid water thoroughly.

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