TMOL Get it Tint Glaze Balm Seeding Kit


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The 3D glow glaze coating provides glossy and plump volumized lips.
The unique mega-shine glazed coating provides a 3D glow that shines in different angles.
Provides lip volume with a cooling effect, and the subtle plumping effect results in desirable volumized lips.
Experience lip plumping with a cooling effect without irritation.
The watery formula that melts on lip temperature provides moisturizing and volumizing for a long time.
The watery moisture balm formula that easily melts on lip temperature thoroughly coats the lip surface to maximize glow.
The clear and vivid color is maintained even when reapplied multiple times which is perfect to wear throughout all seasons.


01 Rose Puree: Rose puree shade that finely blended fresh and elegant rose flowers
02 Berry Plum: Muted berry plum that blended blueberry and raspberry for a dandy mood
03 Pink Sugar: Pink sugar shade for cool-toned skin that blends fresh strawberry and sweet sugar
04 Toffee Apple: Complete with clear red apple shade and syrup
05 Coral Fizz: Warm-toned shade complete with sweet liveliness

Featured Ingredients

The moisturizing and cooling ingredients adhere to lips and apply a coating layer to prevent moisture loss and keep lips glowing for a long time.
The plant-based moisturizing ingredients result in hydrated and healthy lips.
Contains apple, plum, strawberry, watermelon, and raspberry extracts for extra glow and liveliness.
Contains apricot seed, European plum seed, and grape seed oil for nourishment and hydration.

How to use

1. The watery moisture balm easily melts on lip temperature. It is recommended to take out a small amount at a time only.
2. Turn the bottom of the container 1~2 times to take out a small amount.
3. Gently apply from the inner to the outer side of the lips.

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