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Known as one of the 'hero' products from Takami, this Skin Peel is a daily, gentle exfoliating lotion that helps promote cell turnover to smooth, brighten, and even the appearance of rough, dull-looking skin. The lightweight, spreadable lotion is perfect for even the oiliest skin types and will reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, fights against acne and blackheads without drying or irritating. Also assists in improved absorption of serums and moisturizers.

This product doesn't just work on your skin when you apply it, but it penetrates deep down to awaken your natural beauty from within - which is the key to amazing skin.
By conditioning the inner layers of skin, it improves turnover and boosts transparency from the inside.
Takes care of your skin without causing any damage.
Don't let your skin suffer from repeated damage - you can have healthy, beautiful skin!

Skin lives life with us.
It is "Takami"s classic" that helps you not to lose sight of "the most important thing" about skincare.
The more enthusiastic you are about caring your skin, the more you tend to forget the most important thing for your skin.
Dealing only with troubles at hand, you may leave the most important skincare behind.
People who noticed the most important point of skincare have already started "skin peeling habit" every day.

How to use:
Use suggested amount on the dropper.
After face cleansing, smooth in on face with a gentle massage.
Wait 3 minutes for complete absorption, then continue with usual skin care routine.

Tips for Use:
In order to care for daily damage on your skin, it is very important for you to use it everyday. Also, please make sure to wait for at least 3 minutes to use lotion after you put the skin peel on the skin in order to get your skin back to normal activities.

Contents: 30 ml

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