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Rice Bran Enzyme Cleansing 70g


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Rice Bran Enzyme Cleansing Cleansing
●You can remove makeup and cleanse your face at the same time.
●Recommended as a makeup remover for women and a face wash for men. By gently washing, your skin will feel refreshed, moist, and comfortable.
●1g/1 time, about 2 and a half months with cleansing face wash once a day.
●Recommended for use with skin care lotion.
●Rice bran is from the Kinki region, and wheat bran is from the United States.
●Residual pesticide inspection completed. Check for zero.
*Radioactivity inspection → Although it is a non-target area, it is confirmed that it is not detected at less than 20Bq/kg.
●When I thought about the earth 100 years after my child was born, I couldn't imagine the earth 100 years from now and it didn't exist. That was the impetus, and after 10 years of construction, we started a new project called "Together for the future." As the name suggests, the concept is to create the future of the earth together. The more you make, the better the environment.

[How to use]
(1) Add an appropriate amount of powder (about 1g) and water to your hand and blend with your fingers to make a paste.
(2) Gently massage and rinse off with hot water (water).

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Cheryl Morovic
Best cleanser

I first used this product in Japan. Nothing else comes close - easy to use, natural product and great cleanser.