Perfect Beauty Miracle You Damage Repair Hair Treatment 450ml

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Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Treatment
● Deep repair of damaged hair tips with triple repair prescription for beautifully organized hair. 
● Triple repair prescription 
(1) Organic ghee oil (* 1) formulation: Intensive repair to the depths of damaged hair and suppleness to the tips. 
(2) Split ends coating: Coats damaged split ends and adjusts the dryness and spread of split ends. 
(3) Color keep (* 2): Protects hair from hair coloring and damage caused by drying such as ultraviolet rays. 
● Miracle You is a series that focuses on split ends and color keeping (* 2) for deep repair.
● Floral bouquet scent with fresh fruit accents "Shiny floral scent". 
* 1 Butter extract (moisturizing ingredient) 
* 2 Coating 

How to use
(1) After shampooing, lightly drain the hair. 
(2) Take an appropriate amount and apply it to the entire hair. 
(3) After leaving it for a while, rinse it well. It is even more effective when used in a series. 

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