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HOYU CIELO Cream Hair Color

Perfect gray hair coverage for roots and fuss free solution for easy and efficient DIY hair colouring

Hassle-Free Easy & Quick Cream at 1 Press
No premixing of 2 creams needed. Just press the lever to dispense the colorant and developer at the same time.

Ideal Gray Hair Coverage
Non-drip cream stays on roots and hairline. Special comb brush enables easy application even along difficult hairline and roots.

Natural Shine & Radiant Hair Color
5 illuminating & nourishing ingredients moisturize and condition hair while coloring to bring out the natural shine of your hair for a smooth color result.

Multiple Applications for Touch-up
The remainder can be kept for the next application.

Size 40g+40g

How To Use

Dispense the color cream to the brush side. 
Press the lever until it stops(below the line). 
Distribute the cream while moving the nozzle along the brush. 
Start application from gray areas and distribute the cream evenly to the entire hair.
Apply a sufficient amount of cream from the roots and spread to hair ends by combing gently.
Repeat the process in step_ while parting the hair strand by strand until the entire hair is applied with the cream.
Once you have finished the application, evenly distribute the cream over you hair.
Leave on for 15 minutes.

Rinse off the cream.
Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear.
After shampooing twice, use a conditioner and then dry hair well.

Please read the usage precautions carefully and use it correctly.

Do not use this product if you have a hair color.

Please make sure to test skin allergies (patch test) before each use.


toluene-2,5-diamine, paraminofenol, parapezenenzamine, metaminofenol, resorthin Other ingredients: HEDTA 3Na2 water salt, PEG-8, OE oleyl ether, asscorbic acid, arakyl alcohol, cetylhexanate, strong ammonia water solution. Collagen solution -3, stearyl alcohol, stertrimonium chloride, taurine, ammonium thioglycolate liquid, mooneygrass oil, grape seed oil, chlordimethyldimethylenium hydrogen fluid, microcrystalline wax, sodium sulfate, eucalyptus oil, sulfur203, fragrance, 2 agents / active ingredients: DPG, PEBEOE. Nirether, isopropanol, citric acid, sodium citrate, dimethicone, steryl, cetanol, hydroxyethandiphosphonic acid 4Na liquid, hydroxyethanol, phenoxyethanol, behenyl alcohol, behentlimmonium chloride, sodium micylsulfate, lanoline

Customer Reviews

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Rizy Lees
Easy to apply

The colour is amazing and easy to apply. I like that I can keep the left over cream. Will buy this again.

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