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Featuring fashionable hair colors in an adorable candy-colored milkshake-inspired container, Beautylabo Whip Hair Color is a guilt-free beauty treat that anyone can enjoy at home with their best girlfriends. Wrapped up in girly pink and all other delicious colors, Beautylabo Whip Hair Color brings the ultimate DIY experience of hair coloring to you in just three easy steps. Simply mix and shake the Developer with the Color Powder in the container 30 times and viola! A whipped cream concoction waits to be lovingly lavished onto your tresses.


Beautylabo Whip Hair Color Now in new 15 colors to choose from;

1. Misty Ash

2. Bitter Chocolat

3. Sweet brown

4. Creamy Cappuccino

5. Classic Ash

7. Silky ash

8. Sakura pink

9. Airy beige

10. Honey custard

11. Ash chocolat

12. Rich chocolat

13. Espresso brown

14. Maple brown

15. Maple chocolat

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