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Kanebo freeplus MOIST CARE LOTION~

A moisturizing lotion which delivers an abundant amount of moisture to the stratum corneum to improve and keep protecting the skin texture.

Enriched with 6 Chinese and Japanese herbal extracts,Nicotinic Acid B and Serine 120 which can penetrate thoroughly into deep stratum corneum.

It helps to replenish the moisture of skin cells and prevent moisture loss,leaving your skin moist,plump and soft.

Product Features

- Fresh and non-greasy texture.

- To achieve balanced skin.

- A weak acid lotion which does not contain Paraben, alcohol,fragrance,colourings,mineral oil and UV absorbers.


Lotion 1 – Refresh Type

Lotion 2 – Moist Type



How to use

● An appropriate amount per use is until a cotton pad is fully saturated.

● After facial wash, take the lotion on a cotton pad or your palms, and gently spread over the entire skin.

●After applying the lotion to your skin, press down the entire face with your palms in order to deliver moisturizing effects to the stratum corneum.

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