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BABREA Foundation Brush 170


A more natural finish with your fingers

Bubblair Concealer Brush 170

Precision beveled brush head

Delicate makeup with a rich amount of hair.

Natural fit with no powder residue

Made of birch brush handle and silver pearl

Thick brushed silver aluminum tube.

Resists deformation, fading and corrosion

Brush head is cut diagonally.

Fits the contours of your face.

The diagonal brush head fits perfectly to the skin for a more natural makeup.

High density high quality soft 0.03mm

Gently covers stains, acne marks, and bears.

Soft and resilient high quality tricolor fiber bristles

Hair tip 0.001 inch (0.03 mm)

Gently touches the face, soft and silky texture

Even and perfect base makeup that is not too much powder.

Can be used with liquid bauder and both types of concealers.

Covers stains, freckles, red meat, etc.


How to use

Apply concealer and blend with Tongon to increase adhesion!

1. Take a small amount of concealer into the concealer brush and adjust the amount with the back of the hand.

2. Apply a small amount to the area you want to cover.

3. Do not touch the center of the area you want to cover as much as possible, and brush the surroundings to blend with skin color.

4. Layer the area you want to cover further with the same bulk.

Care Instructions

1. Wet the brush with warm water to the root of the hair, apply a face soap or facial cleansing.

2. Roll in your palm to move the brush and lift the dirt up.

3. Shake clean with plenty of warm water, rinse thoroughly and squeeze out the piece.

4. Pinch with a towel to remove moisture, shape and dry naturally away from direct sunlight.



Brush part: PBT resin, tri-color bristle handle: birch

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