Curél Makeup Oil Remover 150ml

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Curél Oil Makeup Remover
● Protects and cleans the essential ingredient "ceramide" for healthy skin, and keeps the skin moisturized without rough skin. 
It quickly adapts to hard-to-remove makeup and can be easily removed without rubbing the skin. The waterproof mascara is also neat.
Oil that is easily dissolved in water. With a smooth emulsifying formula, you can wash it off with a light rinse without rubbing it many times, so there is no burden on your skin. 
Prevents drying after washing and keeps it moist. 
Contains anti-inflammatory agent (active ingredient). Prevents rough skin. 

How to use
・ Take an appropriate amount (about 4 pumps) on dry hands and gently apply to makeup. 
・ After that, rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water. 
・ If your hands or face are wet, wipe off any water before using. 
・ If you are using contact lenses, please remove the lenses before using. 
・ Please wash with a cleanser after use. 
・ For face washing, we recommend Curél foam facial cleanser. 

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