Brightening Mask Treatment

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Powerful intensive special care that brings youthful brilliance. For bright skin full of moisture and luster, as if you were wearing light instantly . Makes fine wrinkles due to drying inconspicuous (tested for efficacy evaluation). A graceful scent full of pure tenderness. 
[Set contents] 
・ Exfolian Eclat S 5g x 6 
・ Mask Eclat S (quasi-drug) 17ml x 6 packets 
・ Mask Eclat S (lower) (quasi-drug) 14g x 6 packets
how to use


Use once or twice a week in the morning or at night. 
<Step 1> 
[Exfoliant Eclat S]
● Before using Mask Eclat S (upper / lower), replace it with your usual facial cleanser. (Please use after removing makeup at night.)
● Please use without getting your face or hands wet.
● Take the entire amount on the palm, place it on 5 places on the face, and spread it over the entire face using the entire finger.
● Gently and carefully spread it so that it does not get in your eyes, and use your entire finger to apply it in a large circle on a wide area such as the cheeks and forehead. Carefully use your fingertips for small parts such as the nose. 
● After that, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and wipe off the moisture with a dry towel. 
<Steps 2 & 3> 
[Mask Eclat S (upper / lower)]
● Please use after using Exfolian Eclat S.
● Do not get your face or hands wet.
● Open each Mask Eclat S (upper and lower) with dry hands and take out the tray.
● Remove the lower mask from the tray, gently spread it out, hold both ends, and align the mouth. Fit along the face line towards the temples. 
● Next, remove the upper mask from the tray, gently spread it, squeeze the area around the eyes outward, and then hold both ends. Align it with the position of your eyes and lightly press it against your forehead and under your eyes to fit it so that there are no gaps in your nose. Finally, fit the sheet on the eyelids. 
● Hold the entire face with the palm of your hand and put the mask in close contact.
● After about 10 minutes, remove the mask and gently apply the essence left on the skin.