Barrier Repair Facial Mask Enrich 5P

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Barrier Repair Sheet Mask enrich 5p
● For skin that wants to feel fluffy with plenty of beauty essence reaching the stratum corneum 
● Baby water lipid (moisturizing), for skin that makes you want to touch with high penetration wrap formulation lead 
● low stimulus prescription and preservative-free-free fragrance-free coloring 
Ri ● Toro ~, essence plenty formulation of Hitahita 
is soft per skin ●, designed to fit on the face, ultra-soft contact sheet of attention 
facing down ● The secret of an ultra-soft adhesive sheet that does not easily come off! 
Multilayer structure sheet ... plenty of beauty solution also dripping difficult while containing 
not applied to the size ... hairline to fit in the face fell hard to peel off because they were cut to the size of 
ultra-a ● Hari gloss, such as bouncy from the inside A chewy type. Penetrating collagen (moisturizing) combination 

[How to use]
Use once or twice a week as a guide.
・ After washing your face, take out the mask from the bag and spread it out so that it adheres to the entire face.
・ After about 5 to 10 minutes (especially when you are concerned about dryness, about 15 to 20 minutes), remove the mask and apply the beauty essence remaining on your skin with your palm. 
-Three-dimensional cutting that matches the three-dimensional shape of the face. If you cut off the notch and stack it along the unevenness of your face, it will adhere more closely and the care effect will be enhanced. 

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