Eye Extra Serum 15g

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Moisturizes the skin to make fine wrinkles due to dryness less noticeable and keeps the skin firm and elastic.

An eye cream that keeps your eyes fluffy and firm.
For eye problems after 40s, such as "smaller" and "less impression".
Contains "Eneriboot GY", a proprietary ingredient that approaches the "ghost zone around the eyes," which is the cause of complex aging signs around the eyes.
Brings firmness to the eyelids, under the eyes, and the corners of the eyes.
In addition, lutein takes care of the second UV "blue light" that also damages the skin.
A rich, smooth cream that blends into the skin and gives deep moisture to the eyes.
A relaxing aroma (rosemary, geranium, orange) with a faint scent.
It raises the skin's strength from the inside and makes it firm, leading to plump, elastic and sharp eyes.

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