White Conc body Lotion

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A white body shining with whitening effect!
◆ beauty white component + vitamin C derivative + natural support ingredient
◆ Body dullness and crispness. It is beauty water for essence type for body.
◆ We recommend to those who want to keep a smooth, beautiful white body forever.
◆ Whitening effect to prevent spots and freckles due to body sunburn.

Size : 245ml Active Ingredient : Ascorbic acid glucoside (AA2G), Glycyrrizhynate Dipotassium -This lotion provide whitening care to make sure you get bright and clear skin -Smoothen and non greasy feeling -Grapefruit and Lemon mix well fragrance -Fine water drops and equally spray on body , absorb fast -Feeling cool and comfortable once apply -Refines your skin surface and gently exfoliates exotic white skin tone