Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil 450ml


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  • Naturally reborn with 8 types of botanical oils.
  • 98% naturally derived ingredients while keeping the moisturizing feeling and thickening of oil.
  • After washing, you can feel the moisture and transparency.
  • Challenge endless beauty to make your skin supple and smooth.
  • Contains Japanese camellia oil.
  • Rich in oleic acid, the same ingredient as sebum, the new cashmere texture blends naturally into the skin for a smooth, comfortable wash.

How to Use 

  • Can be used with dry or wet hands.
  • If your hands or face is very wet, wipe away water lightly before use.
  • Take 3 to 4 pumps of cleansing oil onto the palms of hands.
  • Gently smooth over the face.
  • Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.

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