Anti/Oxi+ pollutant & dullness clarifying cleansing oil 450ml


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A cleansing oil that contains three botanical ingredients and uses the power of green to cleanly wash away even atmospheric particulate matter including PM2.5.

We have developed a new cleaning system containing ILS to make it easier to adapt to various molecules such as makeup that evolves day by day and is hard to collapse, and atmospheric particulate matter such as P.M.2.5.

The unique shape of ILS slips between the ingredients contained in waterproof mascara and long lasting type lip items to prevent the makeup from collapsing, and makes makeup and unnecessary stains stand out for a clean look.

Like the previous A / O, it is also characterized by its smooth feel and good rinsing.

You can wash your skin without depriving it of important moisture.

Wet hand technology adopted.

Compatible with eyelash extensions.

A refreshing and relaxing scent.

Renewal release.


How to use:


Can be used with dry or wet hands.

If your hands or face is very wet, wipe away water lightly before use.

Take 3 to 4 pumps of cleansing aoil onto the palms of hands.

Gently smooth over the face.

Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil.

Rinse thoroughly with water.

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne Enser
Shu Uemura

I have used this cleanser for many years. Best make up cleanser ever.

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