Elixir Superie Enrich eye cream 15g

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Shiseido Elixir Enriched Wrinkle Cream is designed for the care of the skin around the eyes and lips. This remedy is a real elixir of youth! Thanks to the retinol, the cream can literally transform your skin and face. Retinol has the anti-aging and rejuvenating effects. It stimulates collagen production and smooths out deep wrinkles. In its turn, collagen restores the skin and increases elasticity. Helps to recover it damaged areas after wounds and makes the skin smooth and firm. Retinol has moisturizing properties, helps to keep moisture in cells and makes your skin feel fresh. The first results will be noticeable after a few uses. In 9 weeks, your skin will look young and beautiful again!

This is new formulated eye cream with Vitamin A, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Soluble Collagen to protect and improve wrinkles on eyes and lips areas. This product contains Vitamin A so it can penetrate into skin for promoting softness, firming the skin and reversing skin damages over time. Excellent in anti-aging and improving wrinkles.

For all skin types, especially mature skin

How to use?
1. Open the cover and remove the blue rubber ring (in the beginning, the inner cover is connected to the outer cover). 
2. Tighten the hose with the inner cover attached to the cover until the serrated part at the bottom is not visible. After removing the cover again, the inner cover will lock onto the hose. 
3. Use it in the last maintenance procedure in the morning and evening. Take about 1 small pearl on the fingertips and gently apply it on the areas around the eyes and lips where wrinkles are likely to occur. When you use in the morning, in order to protect the effect of retinol, please use cosmetics with UV cutting effect after use.


What is Shiseido Elixir?
Shiseido Elixir is a skin care series to build firmness and resilience to the skin. With advanced whitening ingredient m-Tranexamic Acid and CE hydrating components, this series not only gives a lifted look to your skin but also brightens and improves dark spot and uneven skin tone.

If you want to firm up, whiten your skin and find a whitening series as a complement to Shiseido HAKU or Shiseido Melanoreduce EX Whitening essence, Shiseido Elixir will be your choice.

Contents: 15g