Hair Removal Cream for body

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Cecile Maia Hair Removal Cream 200g

One-minute rapid hair removal, easy to use!

Specially formulated with seaweed extracts such as Glycerin and Aloe Vera to enhance skin lubricity, mild, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.

There are special micro-particles that go deep into the hair follicles to reduce hair regenerative capacity, slow down hair regeneration, and contain hair-suppressing ingredients. New hairs also become finer and softer, helping you solve hair troubles!

Unique sponge head design, after the extrusion can pull out the hair removal cream, sponge used as a massage to facilitate the hair off, easy to use.

No pungent smell.



Use before bathing and keep the hair removal area and body hair moist. After 1-3 minutes, use a sponge head to massage the hair removal area to make the hair fall off.

This hair removal cream is suitable for both limbs and armpits and should not be used on the face.